Benefits & Uses Of Artificial Grass

Why would you not want a lawn that remains perfect 365 days a year with literally zero upkeep?

Family & Pets

Artificial Grass is the perfect family friend and once you have converted we believe that you will never look back. Long gone will be the days of muddy paws from the family pets and children will have a safe, usable space to enjoy their surroundings. You can also chuck away that lawn mower and spend more time doing something far more interesting rather than regularly mowing a traditional lawn. Pets love it too. We receive a large number of enquiries from dog owners who struggle to keep a natural lawn in decent condition. Artificial Grass solves all of their problems.


Artificial Grass can also be of benefit to businesses. A pristine lawn in the public eye can add to the professional nature of your business to potential clients and the general public. A relaxing green space within your property will also allow colleagues to relax and recharge their batteries which should increase morale and productivity. Not only that, we appreciate that your workplace is not about maintaining a garden space and by having an artificial lawn installed you will save money in the long run by not having a regular maintenance service to your property.

Nurseries & Schools

Children love to play and artificial grass can provide them with a safe, stimulating and fun space to exercise and be social no matter what the weather. We can also offer artificial grass in an array of colours to create a fun alternative to your traditional green lawn. Should there be play equipment present we can also install shock-pads underneath the lawn to absorb any falls so you can rest assured that the children can play safely.


A professional installation is also imperative if you have budding sports persons present. Our lawns can withstand heavy traffic and can create the perfect space to be used as a converted sports field. No dips in your lawn will appear and no patches either from sliding tackles from the next Steven Gerrard. Should we consider it beneficial we can install shock-pads to absorb any falls from the field of play.


Artificial Grass also has environmental benefits due to the low maintenance the grass requires, especially in the warmer months when traditional grass needs a lot of attention. Regular use of a lawn mower uses a lot of petrol and grass cuttings need to be disposed of. Fertilizers and the effect of regularly watering a lawn are aspects that also need to be considered. Our recommended installation techniques include permeable materials to ensure that your new lawn is free draining. So not only are you benefiting your family/business/nursery, you are also benefiting the environment in the long run by converting.

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