Installation Process

Naturalawns recommends using one of our approved installers to take on your installation, but should you wish to have a go yourself, please consider the following steps as professionally demonstrated below by one of our recommended installers, Essex Artificial Grass.

  1. Ground Preparation

    In preparation for your Artificial Grass we will begin excavating the existing surface area. However, some surfaces, such as a level concrete pad can be used as a suitable base to simply glue the grass to. We can evaluate such areas to see if this is a possibility. Typically, we will be excavating an existing lawn. We will dig out the existing turf and some soil down 100mm, occasionally with a turf cutter or mini digger dependent on the size of the area.

  2. Edge Installation

    There must be a fixed edge surrounding the perimeter of your Artificial Grass. We lay either EverEdge, Sandstone Setts or Railway Sleepers. If you already have a fixed edge, we install a concrete strip inside the perimeter of the lawn to ensure a solid fixing method. We can determine whether you will need to install an edging system on the site visit.

  3. Installing The Sub-Base

    A properly installed sub-base is imperative to ensure the longevity to your investment – something that other contractors could leave out of their build and price, but will leave you with problems in the near future. Too many companies directly spread sand out on top of the soil surface, and after a few years the grass will begin to sink. We spread out a minimum of 50mm – 75mm of MOT Type One to ensure this doesn’t happen to our valued customers. MOT Type One is the same aggregate that is compacted under patios and driveways to ensure that no dips appear over time. This is known as the ‘load bearing’ layer.

  4. Spreading Final Levels

    Now that we have a compact and level sub-base, we just need to spread 20mm of Granite Dust to lay the grass on to. We now have a minimum 100mm solid granite sub base to ensure a solid and permeable base for many years to come.

  5. Laying Artificial Grass

    Your desired Artificial Grass will now be rolled out over the surface area. We will need to cut around the perimeter and possibly glue between joins if we are connecting together rolls. We nail down the surface to ensure the grass is fixed. Finally, we will mechanically power brush your lawn to finalise the Naturalawns treatment.

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